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Blog about your individual fight with one of the evil ruler's minions. Finish by describing how your two hero friends also fought a minion each.
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  • What kind of creature, person or magical being was the evil minion?
  • What did it look like?
  • What were its strengths?
  • What did you see, hear and sense as the skirmish unfolded?
  • Which magical helper came to your assistance?
  • How did your magical weapon help you out?    


08/06/2013 3:39am

I woke up in the morning, ate breakfast and got ready for training. They put me in a cage with one of the horned beasts (captured, I suspect). I picked up my weapon and charged at it. It jumped and I went flying into the bars. I got up and sliced its chest. It screeched, picked me up and threw me straight to the ground. I then stabbed it – straight through its stomach. It then started to burn and turned into ash, which then blew away.
We fought many training battles and eventually we were ready to start on our quest, but first we were armoured. We were all taken into different rooms – the robed man took me into the centre one. I was put in full body armour with a silver hood and cape sewn in. The man then told me something shocking. “Ryan, you have incredible powers that the others do not have – you have the ability to fly and you have amazing strength. You can also do a great deal of damage when you are angry.” He said, “Oh, and Ryan, do be careful.”
“I will, I mean we will.” I exited the room to find Gabe and Sophia waiting. They were in full body armour and equipped with swords and their special weapons. The castle doors opened and a large scaled sloth like reptile was waiting. We hopped on and started heading towards the Ruby Village…

08/08/2013 4:43pm


Sarah had the power of flight and Kane had great speed. Somehow we had to form a plan and kill the evil Swandi. “ Since I have the bow I should kill Swandi” Sarah suggested. “Kane has speed and can take care of the guards. “ ‘But what can I do!” I shouted in amazement. How could she forget about me, I have the best power? “Guess we can cross that bridge when we come to it. “Fine” I say and storm off into the forest.

I was angry. I had been left out and forgotten. All of a sudden I saw bright lights from fires. It was getting quiet dark and there was a lot of shouting and the sounds of whipping. As I crept closer I could see a troll in a cage on wheels. Being pulled by six horses. The shouting was coming from angry goblins (about two dozen of them). I crept even closer and could work out words being commanded. “ Alright we’ll stop and leave it here.” “ Unchain the horses and let’s go.” The head goblin said with a harsh cry. Just as they began galloping away on their horses the troll began to wake up and started screeching. The troll stopped and turned towards me. So I ducked down behind a tall tree. Just as I poked my head out from behind the tree I saw the troll had disappeared without a trace. Except for the fact that the bars on the cage looked as if they had been burned by deadly acid. My mind started racing there was a horrible troll on the loose trying to kill me. I stepped backwards attempting to run for my life. But instead I felt there was something terrible smelling and slimy. I turned around as quick as a flash. I looked up and saw a disgusting figure that resembled a troll. It was standing at about ten feet tall with tusks, a big belly and a whole lot of slobber. I ran as fast as I could before the troll brought a club full of spikes down on my location. It just missed and I tried to find refuge in the nearest tree I could see. Slowly climbing up the tree I turned and saw the troll stomping and swinging his club at weak trees that would easily fall. He finally staggered up to the tree I had limbed up to the top of. He began to shake the tree so vigorously I felt like there was a tornado trying to pull the tree out of the ground. Then I saw it someone or something was trying to tell me what to do. Even though the tree was shaking I could tell it wasn’t Kane or Sarah. “Pss pss”. “ Yeah I’m listening”, I shout over. “To use your strength say pentagon”. “Pentagon” I shouted at the top of my lungs. Oops at that moment I fell head first out of the tree. Luckily I flipped at the last moment and landed on my feet. The troll was far too busy still shaking the tree. I stride up to the nearest tree and pull as hard as I could. It came as easily as calling a well-trained dog. I swing round in a few circles and release at the right time so that it hits the troll smack bang in the face. It crushed him like a piano falling from the sky. He twitches slightly so I don’t exactly know if he’s dead or not. I grab another tree just in case and slowly creep closer. There’s a pool of blood surrounding his head. His eyes stare straight ahead as if he was frightened to death.
“Ralph, Ralph.” I hear a voice calling my name like a cry lost in the wind although I know exactly whom the voice belongs to. It’s Sarah and boy am I glad to see her. She pants up to me bent down low as if trying to regain breath.“ Why did you run off like that”. “ you scared me half to death.” I’m shocked she doesn’t know how horrible I felt when she left me out and forgot me like that. “Any way at least we found you”.
“Hey, Sarah Ralph.” It had to be Kane. “ How ya doing buddy.” Now I am lost for words they really do care about me. “ Yeah… yeah I’m fine.” I say staring back at the troll. I feel really drowsy and my vision begins to blur. Through the swirls of colour I see the others feel the same. Then everything goes dark.

08/10/2013 5:21am

Hey guys here’s the next part of my story hope you like it! ☺

Gemma's log:
The next day, we woke at dawn. It was cold and the grass was lightly frosted. We set off to the evil ruler’s castle. It was a tough walk, very steep and slippery. When we got to the gates, we split up. I went right, Vanessa went left and the donkey went straight. As I was strolling along, a sweet little fairy flew past. I tried to catch but it BIT me.
“Ouch!” I cried. I pulled out my bow and arrow. I dipped the arrow in the ice liquid for 3 seconds, then hid in a bush. I aimed at the fairy and shot it, and it froze in a running position. I sprinted off, looking for Vanessa and the donkey. Vanessa fought a fairy that chased her for most of the time. The donkey fought its evil twin. He didn’t even know he had an evil twin, but he believes it now.
We all were shaking when we met up again, almost like we were in an earthquake, because of our battles. “Ouch, that bite mark looks very painful,” said Vanessa. “It was, for a tiny fairy!” I said, looking at the bite mark! It was bleeding quite badly, so I put some cobweb on it to stop infection. It was as painful as getting bitten by a baby. We sat down in a berry bush and ate berries a far distance from the castle. “We will do the same plan tomorrow, only we will be much more careful and quiet,” said the donkey munching through a lot of berries. “There are more big bronze gates all the way around the kingdom.”

08/15/2013 9:26pm

We made our way to the samurai training camp. We were riding the luck dragon when all of a sudden a Hungarian Horntail dragon appeared with a Daydreek soldier riding him. We all shivered. Daniel shouted, “Our enemy has sent his servant to stop our quest!”
The soldier screamed, “Prepare for battle, this is war!” I kept seeing my life flash before my eyes, this was going to be close… we needed a plan. JP then said, “Let’s use what the Tim Tam’s taught us.” The Daydreek soldier, in a menacing voice, said, “I will fight you all one on one to death, who is first?”
“No,” I said, “we fight together, let’s go!”
JP, screaming wildly, pulled out his sword and ran. Daniel quickly put on his cloak, but he was not fast enough, the soldier rushed him and sliced his head off. The soldier retreated and fired off this warning, “When my master returns in two days, more heads will roll!” He then raced away.
JP dropped to his knees, and in anger screamed, “I will revenge your death, you will not die in vain.”
I ran after the creature as Hayden placed a cloth over Daniel’s face. I chased hard, caught the soldier and murdered him. The soldier left behind a read potion, it steamed and bubbled. I drank it and instantly felt as strong as 100 men. In the distance I could hear the moan of our evil enemy.
I now had the invisibility cloak, powers of immortality and the strength of 100 men. I also had revenge on my mind…

08/18/2013 3:19am

Harry,Martha,Zeona and I thought it would be best to split up and look for a good lookout to the castle where Zonahay lived and then come back and see which one was the best option.''We will all met back at camp when we have found a spot''Zeona said.So with that settled we all split up and went to find a good lookout to the castle.As I was walking along a very hidden path I heard some bushes rustling behind me so I walked a bit faster and I was thinking about what it could be.I was also thinking about how there was so many sticks and stones on the ground when the trees looked like they had never lost any branches.Then I could not resist the feeling that something was following me so I turned around and saw a blood stained mummy standing there menacingly looking at me.The mummy had red eyes and was very badly bandaged I quickly pulled out my staff and went to put my robe on but I didn't because if the mummy escaped and went to Zonahay then our plan of attack might fail.The mummy did a call and four more mummy's jumped out of nowhere and suddenly I was surrounded.''This should be fun now ,the more the merrier''I said aloud.I did a spell that summoned a ton of sand around all the mummys which were now in a circle around me so that the mummys and myself were surrounded by it.''Alot of surrounding today''I said almost laughing, ''I can die here and I am joking around with you lot''I added.Then the first mummy went charging into me but I dodged him and smashed the back of his head with my staff and took his head straight off.''Whoops''I whispered to myself getting ready to fight the other four mummys.They all started to charge at me and then I heard a swooping sound and looked up to see a tiny shape coming down really fast.I put my robe on and tried to climb one of the sand walls which I did an epic fail at.I looked up again and saw an egyptian god hovering just above the four mummys and started to blow fire from his staff.The mummys did a high piched scream and burned to death and as that was happening I looked down and saw that the sticks and stones were acually bones.When the egyptian god finished burning the mummys it looked at me and said''Zeona my name is Ra the god of the sun''.Ra and I went back to were we had already made camp and saw that Martha had a little fairy flying next to her and that Harry had a bigger than normal spider crawling on the ground next to him.We all told each other that we all had to fight a couple of evil mummys and what our magical helpers were called.Martha's fairy was named Rose and Harry's spider was called Solice.''Were has Zeona gone he said that he will meet us back at camp but he is not here''I said.


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