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08/06/2013 3:10am

The magical fairy appeared right in front of me. She gave me a little bag of dust and said that it would make me invisible. She explained that when I needed to use it, a magical unicorn would tell me how to use it .

The magical fairy also gave me a purple sword with skull engravings. She said I needed it to chop off Stical's head and use the blood to drain the power from his magical ring.

The magical fairy also gave Hayley a bracelet that would give her super speed - she also got a knife. Jessica got a bow and arrow and she also got a stone that would give her the ability to hypnotise an enemy instantly.

The fairy said that we needed to plan together how we would kill Stical.

Because I got the invisible power I would make a distraction to fool the guards then kill them. Hayley would use her super speed to lock all doors so nobody could catch us. Jessica would hypnotise Stical to make him come into the forest, so we could battle against him.

08/17/2013 10:39pm

Hi again Emily,

Oh very nice progression of your story...the handing out of the weapons...Nice. When we write the first draft is about getting the story down, but subsequent drafts are about making sure we use the perfect words and phrases and avoid things like repetition. Check the beginnings of the first four of your sentences and see if there is a way to avoid it there. Don't forget dialogue is a great way to do this too.
Looking forward to more.
From Deb

08/31/2013 2:24pm

Dear Emily,

Oh I really like your ideas....this would make a wonderful story....one thing to be careful of is that many of your sentences start with the same phrase and when we write we want to avoid repetition. Great work!
From Deb

08/06/2013 3:19am

A majestic dark figure appeared and said:
"Take this magic pen, it will give you the strength of twenty-five men!" he boomed.
"How do I use it?" I asked.
The dark figure whispered: "There will be a sign - a majestic thing."
Then he faded away into the dark forest.

"I have no weapon!" I exclaimed
The dark figure reappeared and put his ghostly finger over my lips and said:
"Take this blazing sword and rip Pewdepie apart with it and rip his heart out and then stab it."
"Okay," I said, thinking he was not being serious.

He handed me the blazing sword. It felt warm and strong and also looked sharper than a diamond. I handled it with respect and honour. My mind was buzzing. I was going to kill someone. I couldn't believe this. I was ready.

The dark shadow then gave Oan an acid scythe and a pill that would let him fly. Then the shadow gave Takaani an inhaler that would make him invisible and a morning star with three tails on it.

The dark figure kept talking:
"Now plan together about how each of you will surround and kill Pewdepie. Each of you has and essential part to play... good luck."

It was strange how we decided our plan. Oan did most of the planning he became the talker of the plan. Takaani was working on the battle strategies for the fight. Then they looked at me and both said, "You are going to be the leader. We are ready."

"So, we are agreed? Oan will use his pills to make him fly and weaken Pewdepie with his acid scythe. Takaani will use his invisible inhaler to kill Pewdepie's evil servants and I will use my pen that will give me super strength and deliver the final blow while Pewdepie is weak."

08/31/2013 2:45pm

Hi Alexander,

Great piece! I love the details and the dialogue...they are what really bring writing to life for the reader. I hope you keep writing more.
From Deb

08/06/2013 3:33am

Hi there - this is Ryan, continuing my story.

When I awoke, a robed man stood in front of us and said, “ There was a man that spoke to you before- he was evil and we captured him. If you had done what he told you, you would have freed the lord from his curse. Now I am about to tell you the real quest: First you shall travel to the Ruby Village. All the houses there are made of ruby, except for one which is made of emerald- you will enter this house to find a silver shell. Inside of that is a diamond pearl- take this. As soon as you take this pearl from the shell all of the ruby houses will shatter revealing large black phoenixes. You will hold this dagger to the sky to defeat them.” He handed a small ruby dagger to Sophia “You will then travel north to The House Of Stone. Walk down the hallway and enter the third room- you will find three stones there. You will use this axe to mine the centre stone. You will find another pearl there.” He handed an emerald axe to Gabe. “Your next task is to travel west to The Black Cave. There you will battle The Black Dragon with this spear.” He handed me a diamond spear. “Once you have defeated this dragon it will be your loyal companion and will give you yet another pearl. You must then travel to The Temple Of Treasures. Inside there you will find a table- place your pearls on it. This will create a beam of light, signalling my army, which will charge as a distraction. It is then up to you to defeat the Evil Lord.”

08/31/2013 2:48pm

Hi Isaac,

Great work....I love the details and the careful unveiling of your story. It would be great if you could add paragraphs to this piece to break it up....paragraphs are useful for letting your reader know something has changed, a new person has spoken or to emphasise a point. I'd love also to get the chance to hear the reactions of the new heroes to their quest!
From Deb

08/06/2013 4:04am

Pixel pounced from behind a big bush. She gave me a magical necklace with a beautiful stone in it. ” this necklace will protect you from any sort of evil. It will give you the strength of a forcefield. You need to wait for the old owl to fly above to explain how you use it.” She answered.
Pixel handed me a gold dagger and told me that it would kill queen Veronica and all evil that served her. ” When battle time comes you will need this dagger to slit Veronica’s throat using the very tip of it. This weapon can only be used by you.” She carefully explained.
When she gave me the gold dagger I saw that carefully carved in the handle were diamonds. I held the dagger with great honour and respect. My heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest. I managed to take it all in although I was very nervous. My life has changed these past couple of days but killing someone whether they are evil or not, is going to change my life forever.
Pixel then handed Tara a green potion. She explained that this would give her the gift of mind control. She also her a weapon , it was a dark coloured archery set that could kill instantly from a mile away.
Presented to Emily was a silver axe. Pixel said that the cut of this axe could turn one to dust. Her gift was a pair of boots that made her run super fast, no one could see her move when she ran.
The unicorn then blurted out, ” You all need to plan together how you will surround and vanquish the wicked Queen Veronica. Remember that you all have an important role in this battle.
It was very odd how we had come across our plan. Tara was acting as though she was the big boss. Emily on the other hand, couldn’t stop thinking about heaps of different suggestions. I just sat there listening to every word that came out of their mouths and nodded at the same time. We had summed up our plan and were ready for what was ahead of us.
“So we are ready? Tara will sneak up to the castle doors and use her mind control to talk the guards into letting us in. Mean while, Emily will then run in using her super speed strength and quickly hide inside. I myself will casually walk to Veronica’s lair having my forcefield necklace in action, then I will slit her throat with my dagger…”

08/31/2013 2:50pm

I LOVE this piece. The details are so exciting and I am very keen to see these gifts used in the hands of our new heroes...and if they will be any good at it! They are new to these gifts after all,
Happy writing,
From Deb

08/06/2013 4:06am

Winter spoke to me first.”DJ, I’m going to hand you this magic bottle which will give you super strength.”
“How and when will I use this. I have no idea how to use it?” I asked.”You will be shown how to use it at the right time by a winged pig. Each of you will have a lone battle with one of Eris’s villains before the main battle,” declared Winter.
“I have no weapons-”
Winter cut me off,”Your job will be to give the death cut. You will cut off Eris’s head and put your hand down her throat and pull out her beating heart. Here is a double dagger which you will use.”
Winter handed me a double headed dagger. Its blades were curved and sharp. Its handle was carved with dragons all down the side. My heart was beating. I would have to kill a person. I’ve never killed someone. It was going to be hard.
Winter gave Sky a shiny silver sword and a shoe of invisibility. Shoe will be given her weapon and strength by the flying pig when she most needed it. Tom was given wolverine claws and the gift of a super fastness ring. The ring would also be handed to him when he most needed it.
Winter continued to speak,”You will have to work as a team to assemble a plan to kill Eris. Each of you will play an essential part in Eris’s killing.”
So we agreed. Sky would get close to the guards using her invisibility shoe and kill them with her sword. Tom would use his super fast ring to get to Eris and stab her legs with his wolverine claws to bring her knees. Then I would come in and cut off her head and pull out her beating heart…

08/31/2013 2:51pm

Ohhhh this is so chilling....the details are so well drawn that all I can say is Erin better watch out!
Great work,
From Deb

08/10/2013 5:38am


“Ralph,” the tree turns to speak to me. “I grant you the power of strength. Once you put on this ring, you will be able to lift anything. Try it out on that rock over there.” He turned and stared at a rock on the edge of the clearing. I gulp but I do what he says anyway. I wrap my arms around it and try my hardest to lift it, but it doesn’t budge. “It may not work now, but it will when you most need it. There were more of you sent to kill Swandi, and they became trapped in the dark dungeons of his castle. But they cleverly escaped and are willing to help you, but not join you. I will also give you a magical bow. One shot is all it takes to kill the evil Swandi.”

As I took the bow in my hand, I was overcome with fear, so I dropped it. It fell to the ground in what seemed like slow motion. Twang, the sound of the string vibrating.

“Are you okay?” said Sarah, with a comforting smile. She picks up the bow and obviously couldn’t feel what I felt. “I’m not sure what Feeling that just was - I don’t think I can take the bow”. “That’s okay, I’ll take i,t” Sarah says, putting a hand on my shoulder.

08/10/2013 5:45am

It’s me, Gretel again. Buck, Tom, Hansel and I had just woken up and Wiz and Warty were explaining to us about the weapons and powers we have to use to defeat wormy.

Wiz spoke to me first, “Gretel, you are the leader and you have the power of healing. If any of your Band is hurt or runs out of their power, you can heal them. Here is the bottle.” I was excited that I was leader, but when Warty gave me my power, I stopped. My excitement turned into confusion. “I can’t use this! I have no idea how to activate it!” I explained, confused.

“Drink it now, your power will get stronger each day. We will also train you how to use it.” Wiz explained. Warty made me touch everyone to activate their powers. Tom had the power of running like lightning and Buck had the power of the death stare which kills everything he stares at - even nature, and Hansel had the power of speaking to nature.

We were excited about our powers. “Wait a minute, we can’t kill Wormy with just our powers. Didn’t you say we also get weapons?” Buck asked sounding annoyed. (Buck is the one who gets annoyed easily.) Then with a blink of an eye, Warty took out her wand and with a cloud of smoke, there were three weapons (3 because Hansel already had hers) There was: a lasso, a gun and a crossbow.

08/10/2013 5:47am

Warty handed Buck the lasso and she also handed Tom the gun and then she gave me the crossbow. The one I wanted. The crossbow felt light. It was easy to carry and there was a button which made the front split into two on the sides. I was nervous about my power and my weapon. I was scared that I wouldn’t use them properly and would probably kill one of my friends.
“How are we meant to use these weapons, when we don’t even know how to use them?” Tom asked. “We will teach you,” Warty explained. “Now let’s all make a plan to attack Wormy!” Wiz ordered. We made a plan, and this is what it was: We would arrive at Wormy’s castle at around 12:00am but in this world it would be 31 infinity. We would wait till 56 infinity (1:00am) Wormy should come in for his recovery, with the minions lingering behind him. When the minions come to a halt Buck would use his death stare and kill most of them off. When Wormy realizes that his minions are getting killed, he will start searching for this mysterious power that is stronger than his minions. When he isn’t looking - BAM! We will attack him. We will cut his necklace with our strands of hair that will weaken him. After that, we will kill off the minions and when we do, we will destroy the glowing light and he will be defeated! (but it won’t be that easy)

After we were confident with our plan, we started training with our weapons and powers. Obviously, we were all dreadful and we almost killed each other. After a couple of hours, we were using our strengths and weapons well. It was soon dinner time and at bed time our nervousness grew bigger since it was only 2 days away for our attack.

08/10/2013 6:13am

Vanessa here, again...

About five minutes later, we were walking by a waterfall, when Trent fell out of a tree. I blushed.

Gemma and I ran up to Trent, to see if he was all right. Trent just replied, ‘”Yes, I am all right but I have something more which is exciting to tell you. ‘’What?’ we both said, excitedly. ‘’I have a golden arrow for both of you and also the power to fly’’. We were both excited. “To have the power to fly, all you have to do is find something really tall and then jump off it shouting FLY.”
For the arrows, he shoved 5 jars into our hands. The colours were Red, Orange, Blue, Purple and Black. Trent explained that Red was for fire, Blue was for ice, Black was for nets, Purple was for allergy dust, and Orange was for orange juice extra sour. Those were to dip the tip of the arrows in. For once, I was feeling brave, but also a little bit scared. Trent explained that you had to hold the tip of the arrows in the liquid for three seconds before you can use it.
“Thanks,” we said, “Could we have a try of the arrows?’’
“Do you know how to use them?” he asked”, worrying.
“Yes, we do, we learnt it at university.”
“Cool, then yes, you can have a go.” “
My first try was with FIRE and nearly hit the donkey but he dodged it. ‘’Hey, watch where you shoot that thing.”
I said sorry in the kindest way. The arrow weighed just the right size and was really easy to pull back. Then I wanted to try out flying, so I climbed the highest tree and jumped off and shouted out: “FLY.” I lifted up off the tree - I was flying - really flying.
I was so excited that I wasn’t looking where I was going and I bashed into a rock and fell. Trent came running to catch me and he caught me. Then I knew that I had a crush on him. I thought it was extremely fun flying. But Trent said, “Remember, you still have to defeat the evil ruler and take a bite of the golden apple to free Far, Far Away from darkness. Also, you might have to leave this realm to go home, if that’s what you want but you can think about that later.”

I found a cave to spend the night in we started to plan the attack. Trent said’’ when you see the castle gates we have to split up when we get to there the donkey will give hand you the bottle you want to defeat the EVIL huge garden gnome queen. We all agreed and went to sleep. When we woke up we headed to the castle gates.

When we finally reached the gates we all said goodbye to each. The donkey handed us each the bottle we asked for. I wanted red, Gemma had blue, and then the donkey had black.

08/10/2013 7:16am

Chapter 3

We were walking down a cobble stone path into the valley. The trees watched us as we walked underneath their green sheltering leaves. Beau stopped and the rest of us tripped over his purple vans. “Shhh” he whispered. Suddenly, a tiger with dampened fur and blood stained fangs jumped out at us blocking our path. This tiger wasn’t normal. It was at least 2 metres tall, 2.5 metres long and smelt faintly of berries.

Shekira screamed in such a scared matter as the tiger stepped closer to us. The tiger could smell her fear. “You may not fear me as I am Tigress, also known as Bethany the Good. I am the princess of this land and grown too weak to fight my evil twin Mia on my own. You have ben summoned here to help me defeat her and reclaim our kingdom, our pride and my beloved mother who has been taken away with my twin, tortured each day. My twin Mia hangs my mother in a chamber by her wrist’s forcing her to tell secrets about the kingdom. If she refuses to answer she is zapped and we lose a powerful gem whether it’s an element gem or another source of power. My father and I have tried for many years now and we have failed each time. Now, onto the object of your quest. You must save my mother and kill my evil twin Mia - are we clear so far?”

We all nodded our heads.”Good. You must find the chest that my sister stores all the gems in and bring it back to me. Are you still following me?” We all murmured a low pitched “Yes” and nodded our heads, eagerly awaiting the next set of instructions.” You will receive a weapon and a power each. These will help you in your individual battles against Mia’s evil minions. Now, any questions?” Beau shot his hand up straight away.” Yes I have a question. Why do we have to kill a lady because I’m not too keen on killing a girl. In the real world, you get called and named a “Girl Basher” and that’s the worst thing in the world.” “Well, you don’t have to kill her, maybe one of the girls could.” Bethany answered. Shekira and I looked at each other, not too keen on killing someone either.” Not me. You can. No Way.” We both said in sync.

08/13/2013 9:05am

Zeona gave me a magical staff that could do every spell and was indestructable. Zeona also gave me a robe and a necklace. ''Now, listen very carefully, Zeona. This robe can turn you and your friends invisible if you hold them and this necklace can let you control the sand and talk to animals”.
He then gave Martha a mini crossbow through which the arrows could track down the enemy that she shot at and an emerald bracelet that could let her, and everyone she held, fly.
Zeona gave Harry a magical sword that could freeze or burn any enemy that he hit and a tiny diamond that could let him, or anyone that he held, shape shift.
''Now you all need to do is to make a battle plan to defeat Zonahay and free everyone from this nightmare.” It was really easy to think of a battle plan, Martha would hold us both and fly and I would turn us invisible. Once we flew into the castle, Martha and I would hide while Harry shape shifted into one of the minions and tried to find Zonahay's lair.
Then he would come back and tell us where the lair is. Martha would pretend to be a hostage to Harry who would still be in disguise. Once we were in the lair, I would turn visible after locking the doors and summoning a pack of lions to guard the doors.

08/14/2013 4:59pm

The weapon I was given from my future self was a spear. The spear has a hidden blade at the bottom of it. It is so sharp that when the spear is thrown it a can slice a metal wall in half.

My spear is covered in poison and a lot of it, there is enough to kill an elephant . The hidden blade is so sharp it could chop a watermelon in two. It will come in handy if I'm ever caught or trapped and can not throw my spear.

08/14/2013 5:04pm

After Galloni explained to me everything, she handed me a weapon. She told me how to use it. I found out that I had the power of love and that I was related to the goddess of love. I also was the only one who could wield the bow and arrow. I thought she was crazy. She said "Only you can use it no one else, ok"

Kelly's weapon is a bow and arrow. If she shoots it at you, you will fall in love with her. It will also make you super protective of her and you will kill anyone who trys to harm her.

The bow is pink, it has purple sparkles and the arrows have shiny turquoise hearts. The bow is in the shape of a lover heart that turns to a skull shape when she is angry. "Wow this is amazing!" I squealed with excitement.

08/14/2013 5:13pm

Now that I was getting used to Dakota she presented me with a weapon. The weapon was an invisible floating craft. It will help me to fly on top of the opponent and attack from that angle. The special power of this is not just to fly but it also has very sharp edges to slice up anyone in its way.

After a while she gave me another weapon or a "buddy". The "buddy" she gave me was a tiny robot. Dakota said the robot uses voice control instead of a remote. Although you may be thinking WOAH that is awesome, it is very sensitive to every sound it hears. The robot is capable of fighting in very tense moments, so whenever you leave your guard down it will have its guards up.

08/14/2013 5:16pm

Verona (my magical helper) explained to me my mission. I would need to go to Planet Ice and try to defeat the evil ruler who is an alien named Paul.

As I did say before Paul likes to steal people's belongings and riches.

My quest is to get into Paul's kingdom and get all of the riches back for the people who once owned them. I have to destroy the evil ruler Paul who has alot of soldiers defending his castle which makes it not easy to get in.

Verona also gave me a magical crown that has to be returned to its owner which Paul also has. This magical crown helps him to get his magical powers that help him rule. It gives him the strength to steal people's belongings and injure and kill people.

So that is my quest. The evil ruler I have to get rid of and the quest object that I have to retrieve!


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